About the LLBA

The Lauderdale Lakes Basketball Association is an organization of business, government, public and civic leaders dedicated to the common mission of building an environment in Lauderdale Lakes wherein the at-risk youth can fully participate in the athletic mainstream of the community.

As provided in its Mission Statement, the Association strives to achieve equity participation for the Lauderdale Lakes at-risk youths based on the premise that all at-risk have the right to pursue a better standard of athletic development and enjoy the fruits of our at large basketball programs.

The Association was established in June 1997 with broad-based representatives so that all major areas of concern on the subject of Basketball Development in Lauderdale Lakes would be addressed by the Association.


Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to enhance opportunities for At-Risk Youth in the Lauderdale Lakes community to engage in organized Basketball Programs which will lead to the establishment of a stronger social base for the community as a whole.

The Association endeavors to fill a void in the coordination, planning and implementation of strategies focused on Youth Basketball Development. In its efforts to mainstream At-Risk Youth into the larger athletic community, the Association will build and maintain strong linkages with both the public and private sectors of Broward County and beyond.